What is SAFe Distilled?

I’ll be having a conversation with SAFe Fellow and author Richard Knaster. We’ll dig into his new book SAFe Distilled and also talk about the new SAFe Big Picture.

Here's a list of questions I'll be asking Richard:
* What is the biggest misunderstanding people have about SAFe?
* How has SAFe evolved since you joined the Scaled Agile team?
* What was the reason behind writing SAFe Distilled?
* What one crucial advice would you give a mid-sized company that is getting ready to implement SAFe?
* Can you tell us why it’s so critical to have a Lean Agile Center of Excellence (LACE) to properly implement SAFe in an organization?
* What can you tell us about the upcoming versions of SAFe? Why is this important?
* DevOps is getting a lot of attention in the Agile community. Can you explain how DevOps is getting incorporated into SAFe?
* Large contracts seem to be a particular sticking point with Agile methods (Eg. Defense Contracts involving multi-year efforts) because they want to know the total cost up-front. What advice does SAFe have for this situation?
* The role of Project Management in SAFe is not as prominent. What opportunities are there for those people that are interested in growing their skills as a Project or Program manager in a SAFe enterprise?