The User Experience Manifesto

Welcome to another addition of Portofino Media. Today I’m speaking with a returning guest, Sean Van Tyne. Sean is an author and speaker on the topic of User Experience. In past episodes Sean and I have delved into Design Sprints and Agile UX in our studio. But today, I’ll be joining Sean at a coffee shop near his house to talk about his latest project which is the User Experience Manifesto.

What is a Manifesto?
A Manifesto is public declaration of intentions, motives and objectives.

The Agile Manifesto has been with us for 16 years and it’s revolutionized the software industry.

The User Experience Manifesto (as of 6/2/17)
Human-Centered over System-Centered
Observing interactions over surveys or focus groups
Talking to your customers over Guessing what they want
Active Listening over Telling

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