SAFe Q & A

Some of the most commonly asked questions about SAFe (I definitely had them!) What other questions do you have?  I'd love to make more of these.

The Questions

1.Is SAFe really “freely available” like open source or Creative Commons licensing where you are able to build on top of or modify the intellectual property? [1:16]

2.Can we still do SAFe if we don’t have all the roles, events and artifacts that are in the SAFe BP? [6:09]

3.How can we customize SAFe and make it more specific for us? And is that even a good idea? [7:17]

4.We’re trying to implement SAFe in our company of over 3,000 engineers across 4 business units and 7 product lines, where should we begin? [10:51]

5.Does anybody really use WSJF for prioritizing their work? [14:04]

6.Doesn’t SAFe say you can only release software once per Program Increment? [16:51]

7.What is DevOps? [19:19]

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