Ken Rubin: Thoughts from an Agile Leader (Part Two)

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In this second half of my interview with Ken Rubin, we talk about common leadership mistakes, the importance of the Economic Framework, and the benefits of limiting WiP.
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Our Conversation

  1. What are some leadership mistakes you've observed? [0:13]


  2. Why is the importance of limiting Work In Progress (WiP) often difficult for leadership to grasp? [4:39]


  3. The importance of exploratory work is often not fully appreciated by company leadership. How do you combat that? [9:15]


  4. What should the cardinality be between Scrum Masters and team members? [14:04]


  5. In the latest industry-wide Agile survey, it was stated that companies are measuring their success by the amount of business value delivered rather than number of features or products. How do you actually measure business value? [18:19]


  6. Agile Coaching is expanding as a career path. What are some consistent mistakes that you see new agile coaches making? What advise do you have for them? [32:19]


  7. Any current projects? [37:05]

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