Ken Rubin: Thoughts from an Agile Leader (Part One)

It was great chatting with Ken Rubin, agile thought leader, trainer, coach, and author of the comprehensive Essential Scrum. In this first part of the podcast Ken addresses some of the pitfalls companies go through in their attempts to implement Scrum. He also shares his thoughts on scaling Scrum and his analysis of SAFe.

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Our Conversation

Tell us a little bit about your background, like where you grew up and what you studied. [0:32]

What got you interested in the Agile movement and teaching? How did you make this switch? [4:05]

Do you ever miss being in a senior management role? [6:19]

What are some bad mistakes you see being made by companies who want to become more agile? [7:30]

Tell us a little bit about your book Essential Scrum. Last I checked, there are 1,521 books on Amazon about Scrum. How is your book different? [9:23]

What are people getting wrong about Scrum? [13:22]

What's been your experience with scaling Scrum? [25:26]

What are your thoughts on release trains and SAFe in particular? [28:42]

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